Le dessin surréaliste

From 11/08/2017 to 01/13/2018


Imagerie surréaliste des Amériques

From 09/13/2017 to 10/27/2017

Braulio Arenas, Jorge Caceres, Jorge Camacho, Leonora Carrington, Joseph Cornell, Ted Joans, Alan Glass, Leon Kelly, Frederick Kiesler, Wifredo Lam, Man Ray, Roberto Matta, Gonzalo Moré, Wolfgang Paalen, Jacksonn Pollock, Alice Rahon, Kurt Seligmann,...

Photographie conceptuelle japonaise des années 70. Norio Imai, Kazuyo Kinoshita, Masafumi Maita, Kanji Wakae, Katsuro Yoshida, Masaki Nakayama

From 06/06/2017 to 07/29/2017

Galerie 1900-2000 et Galerie Christophe Gaillard

Both galleries Christophe Gaillard and Galerie 1900-2000 are particularly proud to present «Japanese conceptual photography from the 70’s », an exhibition devoted to this time of groundbreaking shift in the Japanese cultural landscape. Unfolding in...

Yves Laloy

From 04/05/2017 to 05/26/2017


Figures et formes géométriques

From 02/01/2017 to 03/31/2017


The tête gallery ©Roland Penrose

From 11/29/2016 to 01/14/2017


Trésors de la bibliothèque d'André Breton

From 09/23/2016 to 11/07/2016


Collages - Décollages - Recollages

From 05/01/2016 to 06/30/2016


Man Ray

From 02/10/2016 to 04/02/2016


Hans Bellmer

From 12/18/2015 to 01/30/2016


Cadavres exquis et jeux surréalistes

From 11/05/2015 to 12/13/2015


Variété surréaliste

From 09/09/2015 to 10/24/2015

Braulio Arenas, Hans Bellmer, Robert Benayoun, Claude Cahun, Jorge Camacho, Christian D'Orgeix, Frédéric Delanglade, Leo Dohmen, Oscar Dominguez, Max Ernst, Jacques Herold, George Hugnet, Marcel Jean, Leo Kelly, Yves Laloy, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Dora Maar,...